Hilarious Undercover Sting on Social Justice Activists

To illustrate how unimportant the hypocritical Social Justice Movements are, one only need venture into the heart of the ignoble warriors of ineptitude.  From hating Israel and America to hating themselves a little comedy is needed to stomach their stupidity. This is why the old Democratic party is defunct, gone, history. That’s not saying the Republicans are much better but they really represent the old two party system and argue with each other.

Anyway, back to Comedy, so soarly needed with the Press giving credence to Losers. Enjoy and then weep for your children and grandchildren. Thank you Steven Crowder. See his website at LouderwithCrowder.Com



Tragically when real Human Rights violations happen you won’t see these victim narcissists. To them blocking Coal Trains and supporting Anarchy in Portland are more important.