Ben Shapiro Faces Micro Aggressed Wisconsin University

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Watch as these delicate snowflakes welcome young children to Ben Shapiro’s speech at UW-Madison

On the plus side, Ben Shapiro wasn’t banned from speaking at the University of Wisconsin-Madison like he was at DePaul University, where multiple security guards were posted to ensure he didn’t step on campus and pose a danger to the fragile creatures preserved inside.

Do you think it’s time for taxpayers and parents to demand accountability from College Administrators for suppressing free speech? College Alumni should do a careful examination of the college policies of their alma maters.

Columbia student reported for ‘gender misconduct’ after calling himself ‘handsome’ in class

After almost two years, Columbia University graduate Benjamin Sweetwood has revealed “a dark and shameful secret” about his tenure at the school: He once committed “gender misconduct” in Chinese class … by referring to himself as “handsome.”


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