Anti-Trump Love-in at Spokane County Courthouse








Compassionate City Spokane saw a little anti-Trump Love at the County Courthouse while the local Police kept an eye on the event. You have to compliment the Social Justice Evangelists in Spokane, they were boringly peaceful, not like their kindred Portlandians of recent rage. Nope, very well coached by the Peace Justice Action League of Spokane and collaborators like Spokane Alliance and FUSE Washington as they identified themselves one by one to “Intersectional” praise by their upper middle class peers.

The Leftists chanted together and sounded like spirit drumming Unitarians at an empty Lutheran Church. You could feel the Global Love. It wasn’t anything like their activities at the Trump speech this summer at the Spokane Convention Center where they used foul signs and spewed on the public attending the event.

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Spokane Convention Center anti-Trump rally, former chairperson of the City of Spokane Human Rights Commission

They’re getting better at this and deserve congratulations for luring in new sheep. Kudos to PJALS for fooling the Spokane Press. (or did they?) Intersectionality works in mysterious ways.

EWU alumna unites hundreds for peaceful gathering at Spokane County Courthouse The Easterner

The event included six speakers from Planned Parenthood, Spokane County Democrats, Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane and one being EWU Pride Center Manager Nick Franco.

Hundreds protest Trump message in Spokane Spokesman Review

The rally was organized by a recent Eastern Washington University graduate and an Oregon State University student who said they felt driven to both rally against Trump and to collect money for organizations who need support. (comment section worthwhile)

Crowd gathers to promote peace, solidarity KXLY Video

Organizers say many of their friends and families feel lost since Donald Trump was elected to be the 45th President of the United States.

Several speakers shouted “we will stand! we will fight!” in hopes to promote solidarity and unity in the community, including groups of all races, backgrounds and ethnicities.


Over 100 people attended a Peace Gathering and Fundraiser in front of the Spokane County Courthouse. The event was organized to oppose policies and comments made by President-elect Donald Trump, and to show support for various communities, including people of color, LGBTQ and Muslims.

Sing it out loud! “Let em hear your collective voices, they’re bringing in the sheep!”