Anarchy and Social Justice Portlandia Style (Spokane Update)

Portland is the trend setter for Social Justice Activism in the Pacific Northwest. Seattle is almost as rabid and both cities have activists who frequent Spokane to muse with the local PJALS collective on West Main. So now it’s Trump but next week it could be Israel or anti patriarchy and white privilege.

Anarchy is a tool for these haters and some of Spokane’s local activists actually go to events like Anarchy Festivals. There’s always a huge victimology menu available to choose from to fan civil unrest. It’s important to feel connected with other Social Justice Warriors.

“Intersectionality” is key to bringing in enough Activists to make a crowd and the News Media makes this newsworthy. Anarchy in the big cities is highly organized and financed. They can be bussed in.  The Alinski followers who march for “Peace-Justice” draw in some pretty nasty characters but then these activists are really the hateful intolerant extremists they pretend to be against. The public is sick of their foulness and talentless stupidity.

But hey, if you’re a delusional utopian, send some money to Social Justice Fund Northwest. On their web page you will find Seattle, Portland, Missoula and Spokane’s lil flying monkeys fighting against Hillary’s enemies, the dreaded Right Wing Conspiracy.

They are afraid of this: Trump’s Contract With The American Voter 

Anti-Trump Protest In Portland, Ore., Turns Destructive, Declared A Riot NPR

Portland Police also attributed the destructive behavior to a subset of the protesters, tweeting at one point, “Many in crowd trying to get anarchist groups to stop destroying property, anarchists refusing.” The would-be peacekeepers were met with threats not to interfere, police said.

This is a NPR article so read it with discernment.

Portland’s anti-Trump protest turns violent, as rioters rampage in Pearl Oregon Live.Com

A third consecutive day of anti-Trump demonstrations turned violent Thursday night, as protesters began with a rush-hour march and chanting but eventually damaged cars at a dealership and rampaged through the Pearl District shattering business windows into Friday morning.


F-Trump is Peace, right? Enjoy the compilation below and next time you see a Social Justice protest be grateful that so far, there are more stupid people in Portland than in Spokane. That’s not counting the activists on the city council or local newspaper writers.


The owners of KHQ and the Spokesman Review promoted a PJALS rally where Spokane city council president Ben Stuckart fanned fears to “marginalized” folk about Donald Trump, the hobgoblin. Conservatives have never felt “marginalized” by Progressive government. How deplorable.

Hundreds gather at Spokane Courthouse for candlelight vigil promoting peace KHQ TV 30 minute video

Small group protests Donald Trump in downtown Spokane  Spokesman Review

Spokane Favs was on the scene for paranormal coverage. The story just doesn’t sound right. There are too many PJALS connections for anything  this spontaneous. This was finely coordinated with the usual Chicken Littles sermonizing. 


Hundreds turn up in Spokane to rally against a Trump Administration SpokaneFavs.Com