Unitarians to Assault Israel at Spokane Church

The “No War Mongers” from the Spokane Activist Collective are “Warring against Israel” again. It appears they are bringing in Curtis Bell, a Portlandia Activist and board member from “Unitarian Universalist Justice in the Middle East” as announced by the Peace Justice Action League of Spokane. PJALS is the leading anti Israel voice in the Inland Northwest. The “Host for Hate” for the Saturday event will be a downtown Lutheran church. Please send some Interfaith Prayers for these Peace-maker-fakers.


Above photo :Proposed UUA Business Resolution on Divestment from the Israeli Occupation

Of course the UUJME website states it has no official affiliation with the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations (UUA), and does not speak for the UUA, but then the UUA congregation in Spokane hosts the yearly PJALS conferences where groups like CAIR and the Interfaith Council “intersect” creating a toxic franchise for Social Justice. Strange though it appears Mr. Bell will be speaking at the local UUCS on November 6th according to it’s website.


Intersectionality thrives in this Religious Cult where vagueness defines a theology of meaningless jibber jabber with stern judgements against Israel and selected sinners (perhaps you) but then how can one judge them since they condescendingly believe in everything. “Good” of course. Hypocritically good. (OK they sing Pete Seeger songs in church)


Mr. Bell writes an article on the “Electric Intifada” entitled: Jim Crow in Palestine: parallels between US and Israeli racism. That’s right those Israelis are Racists. So why not intersect with Black Lives Matter and juice it up a bit. Even CAIR has jumped on the BLM bandwagon to peddle the Islamic Race Card.

Mondoweiss.Net (article below) is the one stop shopping website for eliminating the nation state of Israel. The Unitarian Universalists are eager participants in the “BDS” movement.


Unitarian Universalists divest from companies profiting from Israel’s occupation Mondoweiss.Net

The UUA has adopted a human rights screen focusing on conflict zones that includes human rights violations in the occupied Palestinian territories. The UUA subsequently divested from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HP Inc., and Motorola Solutions. The UUA has also divested from Caterpillar Inc., due to concerns over its environmental and social practices. These four companies have been the target of boycott and divestment campaigns due to their complicity in violations of Palestinian human rights. “We are pleased with this decision made by the UUA officials,” said Curtis Bell, a member of the UUJME Board of Directors.

Enjoy the video below if you can follow it. They actually believe in their own Barney-like fantasy world and to fabricate the fairy tale they use the enigma known as the Jewish Voice for Peace. 

For some non compliant adult consideration, read the article below.

Unitarian Universalist Association joins anti-Israel divestment effort by Legal Insurrection.Com


For non-discerning impressionable minds (as shown above) and a “Social Justice Warrior’s- Dream Come True” there are no better resources for a Planeteer than from the Northwest UU Justice Network website. The local Spokane Unitarian Universalists not only work with the UUJME but have hosted PJALS conferences with guest collaborators like CAIR but be forewarned that most Social Justice organizations read like a forged document and many times word for word. They are children playing with matches in the dangerous game of redundant “Intersectionality”. Examine the evidence at the UUJME.Org Newsletter Spring Edition.