Spokane Anti-Israel Agitator Arrested For Train Hold Up

A man who promoted an anti-Israel film at the Spokane South Hill public library near a synagogue on September 10th got arrested on Thursday for blocking a train with a Lutheran Pastor who was doing the Lord’s work. Earlier this month his wife suffered the same fate by blocking yet another train. The loving couple have been actively involved in protests around eastern Washington state and coordinated the Peace Justice Action League of Spokane (PJALS) for years before retiring but not necessarily really retiring. So they stay happy acting out their fantasies with the Spokane Raging Grannies and the anti -Israel promoting Spokane Veterans for Peace. Both groups are active in the “BDS” movement, Boycott Divestment and Sanctions or Economic War against Israel.

Social Justice Protesters are kindred spirits in our modern disconnected world and through Intersecting causes or agendas they intermingle and protest together to make themselves look like a formidable movement. The man’s wife had around 30 protesters show up to the first notable event against oil and coal trains but her husband only had about a dozen show. Still these two were able to get press coverage for their arrests. Apparently not much is happening in eastern Washington so this must be news worthy.

Social Justice Protesters are angry and well funded intolerant extremists. Even though not all protests are violent just about all of them are predictably boring. That’s why you will see the less dangerous protesters do child like story telling public displays with dress up costumes (like puppet heads) which are meant to amuse casual observers who usually just want to avoid these sniveling cry baby activists so they can get to work and pay their bills. If it were not for the Press covering this apocalyptic stupidity these losers would completely disappear into their oil and gas guzzling vehicles to shop at Walmart for leatherette belts.

Spokane’s Krem 2 News covered the event but neglected to say that the attorney (Thomas Linzey), who represented these drippy hippies is from the radical activist “Community Environment Legal Defense Fund” (CELDF) who has a Spokane step child, called “Envision Spokane” whom the Washington Supreme Court ruled against one of their stupid ideas. CELDF representatives were at both Train Hold-ups.

But if you want to stop the Oil and Coal trains and run around naked, then hook up with Direct Action Spokane. Enjoy the promo below. Please remove your college student to a safe place or at least offer them trigger warning.

 Spokane Resistance is still small potatoes compared to the Far Left portion of the state. But you can safely bet that the big players are there as well. Do your own research.


Where do these ideas come from and who promotes them? Do these Protesters drive cars and wear leather shoes? Who funds these organizations? Who determines that they are News worthy? Where do they work? Who’s going to pay for their utopia?


OK OK, so you want to break the law for a higher moral purpose and stop coal and oil. The Deep River Resistance News Service provides information about it’s “Culture of Resistance” and has a frightening “Underground Action Calendar“. They posted the story about the Spokane Veterans for Peace as well as the Spokane Raging Grannies Train Hold-ups. Bottom line: You must Resist! Get arrested!

NOTICE: SPI acknowledges that the handling of Coal and Oil can be dangerous and that citizens have a right to be concerned but the answers shouldn’t be handled by Left Wing Extremist groups who intersect with a variety of Loopy Agendas thus doing more harm to our communities and nation in the long haul. They may be well meaning but deserve careful examination and caution. Just follow the money trail.