Khomeini Supports Patty Murray

In 2010, Front Page magazine called Patty Murray dim witted and a Democratic Dummy. This career politician has held office more years than the age of a Gonzaga University sophomore. America is sick of Politicians and Patty Murray is now plenty rich enough to leave and still get social security benefits.

Showing facial empathy in the commercial below by nodding your head up and down to a chorus of morally challenged Progressive voices seems good enough to get elected on the Seattle side of the state.

But Patty Murray bears responsibility for throwing the nation state of Israel in harms way with her weakness and compliance to the Progressive Party and the supreme commander. Patty is a follower not a leader. She is made up. A cartoon character.

Patty is a Seattle side professional politician and most likely will get to keep her job by silently nodding her head up and down and doing what she’s told since she has a proven track record for gullibility. She lives in a different world with a uniquely stupid outlook.

You should be terrified of Patty Murray. It’s time to Dump Patty!

Patty Murray explains her support for the Iran Deal with lots of empty words like empty Progressive promises. HERE

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Washington Senator Becomes 29th Democrat to Back Iran Deal Arutz Sheva 2015

Update: Gonzaga debate a Cordial Safe Space!

You can watch the debate HERE if you suffer from insomnia or like to hear kittens purr. It was basically Milk verses Milk Toast. This was Vance’s opportunity to be liked (that’s important in college) as an independent candidate and most everyone likes kittens. Patty-Cake blamed the Republicans for her participation in Status Quo Outer-space Stupidity for the 19 Trillion dollar national debt. Makes you wonder how the debate, if that’s what you call it, would sound like with Dinesh D’Souza as a candidate. Patty got off the hook for screwing over Israel but who cares when the Press won’t blame Patty for the National Debt Crisis on her Career watch?

Patty’s just another empty suit.