Democrats Accountable for the Clintons’ Shameful Behavior

The American public demands that Democrats running for office should disavow support for Hillary and Bill Clinton. Actions are much more accountable than words. Hillary Clinton is no Feminist. During her run as Secretary of State the carnage on Women in the Middle East and Africa by real Misogynists pail in comparison to imaginary oppression on College Campuses.


You may well be disgusted with Trump’s deplorable behavior and careless stupid language but do you really want to see these inbred Capital Hill-billies continue to rule over the American News Empire? So while the Democratic Party loves to talk about sex and sexual identity they are covering up crimes against Women. Ask a little Yazidi or Nigerian girl what she thinks of America or the former Secretary of State. Imagine being imprisoned in a Burka and having less importance than the family Cow.

The Mainstream Media has shown it’s real hand in this putrid rigged election while Obama gives up control of the Internet and the inventor of the Internet, Climategate Gore is busy helping Hillary campaign to win childlike Bernie voters.

Sensual Low IQ Newspaper Hacks and TV Talking Heads show their political bias with abject hatred, by shaming Republicans who support the Party candidate. No wonder Newspapers are in decline unless they write about sex, music, or weed.

Donald Trump, regardless of his foul mouth was not accused of rape nor is he being investigated by the FBI. Democrats have the explaining to do. Ask Patty Murray and the other Democrats why they distain Israel so much by supporting Obama’s dangerous “Iran Deal”. Ask her how disgusting it must be for her to have heard Bill Clinton’s victims were at the last debate.

When your local Newspaper rants about the Right Wing Conspiracy perhaps you should stand up and call them out for their hypocrisy as Representative Franks did below. Really who are the Sick Twisted Cowards? Cancel your subscription to protest Activist writers who want to dwell on sordid news. So embarrassing.

Hillary always lies about what the American people want. Hillary lying is a known quantity. Perhaps U.S. taxpayers want corrupt politicians like her and her estranged Slick Willie jailed. So let the Democrats talk about their version of Sex Crimes and all the salacious details . The more they talk the more embarrassing it is to them and the Cowardly local Newspapers who monopolize hatred towards Republicans. They so despise the Conservative hard working populace and their readership continues to decline.