Spokane Library to host Anti-Israel Film 4 blocks from Synagogue

The Spokane Veterans for Peace are bringing an anti Israel movie called “The Occupation of the American Mind” four blocks away from a synagogue. Two Spokane public libraries are listed in the Inlander as locations for a public recruitment event that the KKK would envy. The SVP works hand in hand with the local Peace Justice Action League of Spokane (PJALS) in anti Israel activities. They collaborate with a national boycott group called the American Friends Service Committee, AFSC, who have also promoted the movie. This is a well funded project moderated by Roger Waters of Pink Floyd portraying Israel as a hate mongering Apartheid State. It basically solidifies support for the ongoing Economic War against Israel, BDS.

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The Spokane Veterans for Peace received credit on a Hate site called Mondoweiss for posting two anti Israel billboards in 2013. The director and his recently arrested “Spokane Raging Grannies” spouse previously co-directed PJALS. Mr. Nelson also appears to have served on the board for the Spokane Center for Justice.

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Note: This is not a promotion by the Spokane Public Libraries. See their room use policy. But it is pretty creepy to think that something like this would take place in a public library.

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This Anti Israel Movie starts at 4PM this Saturday. 

The timing of this promotion of hate is insightful with the anniversary of 9/11 the following day. Look at the Movie Trailer below. It’s very believable for an undiscerning audience. This is a recruitment video.

KHQ News reported that the KKK were dropping off flyers on doorsteps in nearby Kootenai County Idaho earlier this week. Timing for Hate groups like these is everything.

PJALS anti Israel protest summer 2014