Boycott Divest Sanction Compassionate Spokane

Spokane has had it’s share of Anti-Israel campaigning and continued interest thanks to the influence of the Peace Justice Action League of Spokane and it’s affiliates. In February, Chicago had a state of Washington Anti-Israel Extremist group place a sign 5 miles away from O’Hare Airport. It was hoisted by SeaMAC, a Seattle Social Justice group but the Windy City citizens rallied to have it taken down. Spokane has had a Boycott Israel sign on private land greeting Interstate commuters since 2011.

No Fuss at City Hall or from local citizens. How embarrassing for a Compassionate City. What if they just put Swastikas on it to add a little more pizazz? Would the Interfaith Community declare such a sign as defamation and antisemitic?

Auschwitz survivor Irving Roth saw it when he recently told his story to a packed church in North Spokane last week and it disgusted him.

Holocaust Survivor and International Speaker Irving Roth visits an Anti-Israel sign near the Browns Addition in Spokane on Sept 16.

The Spokane area has had an interesting history of antisemitism. 

In the “ADL” Link below, see a picture of one of two Anti-Israel signs that the Spokane Veterans for Peace hoisted in 2013.


These campaigns, designed to grab the public’s attention and influence them to take action, portray Israel as illegitimate and belligerent. Like most recurring narratives within the anti-Israel movement, these campaigns attempt to drive a wedge between the American people and Israel by putting forth false allegations about Israel and employing inflammatory rhetoric designed to delegitimize Israel’s very existence.

It’s the same old Jew Hatred at the end of the day, just disguised in a slick “Peace” narrative. 


The Anti-Israel website, End the Occupation lists member organizations that include “SEAMAC” from Seattle and the “Spokane Veterans for Peace”. Mondoweiss loved the “SVP” sponsored Anti-Israel billboards in our local area but were disappointed when the SeaMAC Hate Sign was taken down in Chicago. Mondoweiss is basically the one stop shopping site for anti-Israel News.

The Spokane Veterans for Peace scheduled an Anti-Israel film at the Spokane South Hill Library one day before September 11th, only four blocks from a synagogue. On September 11th Spokane was invited to learn about how to be a more Compassionate City in a place that hosts annual meetings for the Peace Justice Action League of Spokane and the SVP. Spokane Unitarian Universalist Church has their own unique BDS outreach tool, the UUJME. ( Press the Links and marvel at the Leftist hypocricy )