Patty Cake Murray Baking with Spokane County Dems

A cast of Sisyphus Progressives are featured on the Spokane County Democrats website as the “People’s” choice. But the most famous servant is Iran Nuclear Deal Maker or Breaker, Senator Patty Cake Murray not to be confused with state representative candidate, Shar Lichty a Boycott Israel activist who ran for Spokane City Mayor and is now running for state representative.

Patty says she is fighting for Washington State Progressive values. Well so is the Spokane City council which shouldn’t be confused with the Spokane Valley City council. Two very different cities.

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I’ve been eating your cake since 1992

The Democrats gave America a very bad deal with Iran and Iran’s leaders have a religious obsession to kill every Jew on the planet and they call the United States the great “Satan”. If Iran’s Military had their way we would be baked tomorrow. Don’t let Career Politician, Patty Cake Murray bake your cake.

The local Progressive Socialists have launched a Dump Cathy Facebook page and this Pro Israel incumbent still thinks it noble to be polite in a fumbling interview on KXLY about the Donald who is giving  text book classes on answering media narratives. Cathy really is a nice person. But being nice doesn’t win anymore against conniving Socialists.

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Every Republican regardless of their shortcomings is vilified as Adolph Hitler these days because they allow it. The Socialist Democrats are shallow and divided just like the vulnerable candidates listed on their website. We need bold strong Republicans who will not cower and try to be liked by the one sided media. Republicans overwhelmingly support Israel.

Israeli Ministry Blasts Obama Remark, Compares Iran Deal to Failed Pact with Nazis

The Israel Defense Ministry released a strong statement in direct response to President Obama’s contention that Israel now acknowledges the benefits of the nuclear deal with Iran, comparing the deal to the failed Munich pact with the Nazis prior to World War II.