Dem Socialists and Der Struggle

The Politics of Division is a great tool that professional politicians use to rule over the masses and the  Democratic Party is now suffering from it’s own divisive venom. They are eating each other’s lunch. Republicans are noted for sacrificing each other’s children in lust for power but the Democrats are pushing everyone’s children into a volcano in the name of the Common Good.

The Democratic Socialist camps are fighting with each other for Control. Both are selling anything “Free” in Freedom. This is the great Utopian Struggle for the hearts and minds of a nation that’s been mislead by it’s media. Like the other Socialist upheavals in history this will take America down.

As draconian as Socialism is in practical application, it’s really our own fault. The Left has boots on the ground and they agitate. They show up. They run for office locally. They get on Human Rights Commissions. They imbed themselves in education. They influence fringe groups and intersect narratives into one voice and sometimes with violent effect.

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Unfortunately to the Producers in society, that kind of behavior is beneath their hard working character. To organize and refute or confront Socialism at the expense of public ridicule by the Press hasn’t presented itself yet. But the Trump campaign has confronted Political Correctness head on and Americans are tired of thought police narratives. Americans are worried and they most likely, silently, will vote for the Donald. Now that’s a stealth attack.

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Even so the Left will up their assaults on the American people as will foreign enemies. That’s just common sense because they are not going to leave without a Struggle. Get involved locally.

The Dems are regressing