Museums of Jihad

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The Tears of Jihad Museum

The Tears of Jihad is a summary of the deaths caused by jihad against the Kafir for 1400 years. It is the greatest story never told. Presidents Bush and Obama have denied this history. Our history talks about the invasion of Turks, Arabs, Saracens, Berbers, and Moors, but does not call it jihad. Our most recent report of the 9/11 attacks omits jihad. No explanation is ever given of why the native culture is always annihilated after Islam invades and puts Sharia law in place.

In the twentieth century over two million Armenian and Syrian Christians were killed in jihad. Who knows the details? We need a museum devoted to the greatest suffering in history. It would document the annihilation of Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, and polytheist cultures. It would document slavery, rape and how apologists for Islam deny all of this history.

The Museum would show how Islamic doctrine drives history–cause and effect. We would have accredited scholars giving seminars and debates. The Museum would have a physical center as well as a web presence.

We need to document the suffering, so it can be stopped. Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it. Political

Is Jihad a bad word? It’s supposed to be good according to these nice young people and their traditional understanding. This might be a little hard to convince their non Muslim friends.

This nice young man’s last name is Jihad. It clearly concerns him. 

The idea of having a Jihad Museum isn’t new.

The Jihad Museum: Afghanistan Remembers the Soviet Invasion

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Islamic museum to be built with Sharia-compliant financing on site of failed Ground Zero Mosque

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Abu Jihad Museum: ‘It’s ours and it’s watered by our blood’

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So what about Jihad exhibitions?

What does using the word Jihad mean at Protests against Israel?

Why is Jihad such a misunderstood word? 

Are Jihad Museums a bad idea?


“Islamic nations are nearly 100% Muslim. Those countries were Christian, Buddhist and Hindu. Exactly how did this change happen? When you read history it seems that Islam came, and, magically, the countries are Islamic … The entire history of the rise of Islamic imperialism is denied in the curriculum of our schools.” READ MORE