What is Cultural Appropriation?

Every person on earth is guilty of cultural appropriation. Even the ones who talk about it, even when they don’t really understand what it means.

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Everydayfeminism.com gives the definition.

“In short: Cultural appropriation is when somebody adopts aspects of a culture that’s not their own.”


A deeper understanding of cultural appropriation also refers to a particular power dynamic in which members of a dominant culture take elements from a culture of people who have been systematically oppressed by that dominant group.

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Hamas thugs do Nazi salutes at their pep rally.

Is the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas guilty of cultural appropriation? They goose step in military marches and do Hitler salutes and talk about killing Jews just like the old Nazi Third Reich. Of course not, but they did borrow from that culture of hate.

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Hamas Forefathers colluded a little with the Nazis. The Palestinian leader Al Husseini and Adolf were chums. It does gets confusing at times with so many comparisons that Israel is a Nazi-esk Aparthied state. Makes you wonder why the BDS protesters never see this radicalism in Palestine. Even with Terrorism Tunnels radical professors on college campuses lead students to equivalent conclusions.

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Seems like Hamas appropriated a physical look that is supposed to inflict terror on others. You would think that these guys would just throw on a burka. There still are a few White Supremacists and Neo Nazis active in America but don’t confuse them with what college campuses call White Supremacism or White Privilege.  Whitworth College recently had an Islamophobia conference taught by a guy who used the race card to enlighten a compliant audience. Nothing was mentioned about the people of color in the Middle East and Africa Christian Genocide.

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The Nazis were Socialists as were the Soviets and the Chinese Communists. They killed millions of people and now the United States has a dim witted Socialist running for President while the Borderless European Union is cracking from the so called “Migrant” invasion.

In the Cultural Appropriation video above, it becomes as clear as mud. Even the interviewer still looks confused at the end. Imagine being in a classroom listening to this dribble.

Cultural Appropriation isn’t complicated at all to this peppy young feminist.

This young man just calls it bulls–! Lots of bad language but he’s dead right. He gets it! The melting pot still has hope.

Does America have it’s own culture? We used to believe we did. That’s what made us great. All races and cultures blended in together and not without growing pains for sure. It appears that Multiculturalism pits one culture against another. Weird. What do you think?