Trans Jesus I.S. Christophobic

Go tell it on the mountains. Jesus Christ is Trans.

The Loopy Left reached a new height of cultural flatulence with an article in the Huffington Post debasing not Mohammed, not Buddha, not Jimmy Carter, but Jesus as a Transgender. This is Christophobia!

Christophobia is the constant unrelenting media assault on the followers of Jesus. 

Christophobia is the Media and Government denial of genocide on the followers of Jesus

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For those with eyes to see, Chistophobia Fever Pitch.

Christians have reached “Minority Status” and the activists in the Human Rights Commissions or Social Justice Agencies, albeit world wide or local should be exposed as the hypocrites that they truly are. In fact they are responsible for not stopping a Genocide. History does repeat itself.

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Christophobia  Hollywood and Government

George Clooney a dim witted actor disappointed some Islamists by garnering attention to the historically accurate Armenian Christian genocide for which Turkey doesn’t think happened. But Turkey will still like Loony Clooney’s refugee pitch. So will ISIS.  Ketchup Fortune John Kerry, the putz who sold out Israel to Iran, sort of acknowledged the current genocide subject, after the fact. Doubt very much he will mention the hardship on Christian refugees which are dam scarce.

Christophobia  College Campuses 

Human Rights Feminists on College campuses will not protest the rape and slavery of women and little girls in the Middle East and Africa. They are the delusional sexist flunkies from Women and Gender studies programs who march for blue hair Social Justice narratives.

American Churches and Synagogues Silent

American churches are like deer in the headlights. It’s like they don’t know what to do next because anything they do is judged as wrong except Interfaith. American synagogues don’t discuss the genocide. Both groups have been silent.

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It’s a whacky world and our country appears mentally ill. Frozen like Europe. There is a culture war going on here and the Normal Majority doesn’t know how to fight it. It is a war of narratives and media control.

It can be won and without violence. Thats why you need to tune in to Spokane Pro Israel .Org.

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SPI will show you how. Stay tuned. Also review previous postings packed with video. Wake up and have a little fun provoking the Left.