Tale of Two Cities’ Signs

Compare the Hood River Pastor’s Sign with the Spokane Social Justice Sign.

It’s so easy to offend Soft Headed Americans. Oh my, how they have changed. It would be redundant to talk about free speech or for that fact having differing views but for this to make the news is childish. Compared to Spokane’s Anti-Israel Greeting on Interstate 90, this Hood River Oregon story is small potatoes. To propagate boycotting, divestments and sanctions against the state of Israel is nothing new. The Nazis used these tactics against the Jews in Germany. That’s not a big deal for “Compassionate City” Spokane. White Supremacists couldn’t have chosen a better sign than the two Peace Justice Action League of Spokane members who hoisted the BDS Agenda back in 2011.


The Hood River Pastor doesn’t ask anyone to do harm in any way towards Muslims. He does make a comparison and has the right to do so. One could argue that there is a big difference between these two Abrahamic religions and their ideas. In fact the Christians are dying at the hands of Muslims everyday in the Middle East and Africa. It’s also no secret that Muslims are leaving their faith and many have converted to Christianity. So what if he directed a message to the Muslim community and asked them to follow the teachings of Jesus? Imagine how Islamophobic C.A.I.R. would make that out to be.

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Sign Idea: “A Christian Genocide Is Happening Now” or “Christian Lives Matter”. How about, “We Stand With Israel”

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If Spokane is designated a “Compassionate City” as promoted by the Spokane Human Rights Commission and the Interfaith Community then why are they not demanding this hatred for Israel be taken down? Maybe the sign will stay up for 50 years. Such Hipocracy. Such Apathy.

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