Predators Rejoice For Opportune Moment

The future has never looked better for Male Predators. While the media peddles it’s newest victim, violent Misogynists are looking for their next victim and now have easier access to a Woman’s restroom or shower thanks to Self Gender Identity.

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Spokane’s Donna Perry as she appeared in court on murder charges.

Most men don’t make very good looking women because of their biological features and frankly why would any man want to go through a surgical transition? It makes you think of amputees and some of the difficulties that arise about the absence of a limb. That has to be an arduous choice regardless of the motivation or personal convictions. Spokane’s Donna Perry made that decision before being arrested for murdering three women.

Most Americans have a live and let live attitude but this is a brand new “public event” which forces them to make a decision that was really never on the table before until activists put it on the hot burner. Now the current government and corporations (Facism) are collectively radicalized and threaten citizens who reject gender flux. Any taxpayer or state official who acknowledge biological differences between men and women and want the time tested separate public restrooms and showers are media shamed as “Transphobic”. Gender has taken on a whole new meaning and America has a young compliant generation who have been indoctrinated with moral relativism as advocates of all kinds of loopy narratives.

This has nothing to do with protecting Transgender access to toilets. Males who have transitioned and pass as a Female will probably never be noticed. No, this has everything to do with protecting Women and Girls from Predators who will mimic Females and blatantly force their will.

8-Year-Old Girl Attacked by Man Inside Ladies’ Room — Mother in Next Stall

Predators are Dirty Rats! Don’t let them in your toilet. 

Ask your city or school officials what they are doing to “Protect Our Girls” from Predators because this is about family human rights. There is absolutely no reason to hate someone who has made a decision to surgically alter themselves to the gender they feel aligned with. It is common sense and our obligation as a society to protect the ones most vulnerable for criminal access.

“It takes a village to protect a child from predators” or how about “No child left behind in a Public Restroom”? It’s all about Public Narratives with Agendas.

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