Hamas and Portland State Hate

Stand With Us is fighting Campus Jew Hatred against the usual “Boycott Divest and Sanctions against Israel” movement at Portland State.

Imagine being a Jewish or for that fact Christian student and seeing this Nazi like stupidity happening on a campus where Social Justice Extremists control speech.

The terrorist group Hamas is funding BDS on college campuses. This antisemitic movement thrives in Portland and Seattle and is uniquely represented in Spokane by the Peace Justice Action League of Spokane.

This isn’t surprising as the City of Portland is a cesspool for BDS.  Occupation Free Portland

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Students Fight BDS with petition

We call on the Associated Students of Portland State University to reject any and all divestment efforts and instead focus on unifying our campus community and improving the college experience for all PSU students.

Portland State is not a place to go for education as evidenced by the video below. Can you imagine reasoning with an activist student government like these kids?