Euro Virus Spreads to America

Europe has an infection that it may never recover from. Misogynous Evil Men are boldly declaring the victorious Caliphate is near. Europe is too weak to deflect the ongoing physical “Refugee” Invasion and it has no borders to stop it. Political Correctness has been the dominate weapon so far used to shield the infiltrators who will never assimilate. This is just another historical Jihad on Europe. It is still in the beginning stages. Brussels and Paris are just baby steps.

The United States too has “Stupid People” in Government, Federal, State and Local who just refuse to get it. They are focused on trivial feel good social justice narratives and have no consideration towards taxpaying citizens of this once great nation state. They are arrogant and condescending like the main stream media hosts. This is Post America unless it’s Citizens act fast. This is going to cost tons of money, something the all Muslim country, Saudi Arabia has.

You must get involved. Spokane has a city council that is totally out of touch with it’s citizens and has the full force of the local Social Justice Extremists on the Human Rights Commission to intimidate or distract you from it’s Idiocracy, since that is it’s chosen form of governing. Ask them about the Refugees coming to eastern Washington. Who guarantees your safety and what government agencies decide local resettlement. 13 Percent of Syrian Refugees Support ISIS: Poll

Eastern Washington and North Idaho have been known as a geographical area for extremists but even as bad as that may or may not be how can you compare it to the Ideology of Hate hatching in Europe. This can not be vetted from a migrant populace where many sympathize with ISIS or Hamas. The major victims are the Christians from the Middle East and Africa who have no secular country interested in them including the U.S.. No room in America for Christian refugees





“America’s Got Talent” kind of like Eurovision. Enjoy the Music below. Free college for anyone who watches.