Whitworth College / Amer Ahmed Promotes C.A.I.R. During Islamophobia Lecture

Guest Scholar Amer Ahmed pretty much turned out like we thought by evangelizing a Junior High level multimedia presentation on the 5 Pillars of (PC) Islam and a guilty dose of White Colonial Privilege. This Missionary propagated Islamophobia at the “BDS” infected Presbyterian college in Spokane Wa. The mute Millennial students politely sat like lumps of clay perhaps fulfilling multicultural classroom assignments, then promptly left during his closing promotion of the Council on American Islamic Relations and the Islamic Society of North America for further enlightenment.

The Video below is Amer’s presentation at a Christian school in Pennsylvania but sounds identical to Whitworth.




This Evangelical Event was basically a C.A.I.R. Promotion. When asked about the Muslim Reform Movement he lashed out at MRM for being conspirators with the Clarion Project who long ago exposed CAIR for it’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and bigotry towards Muslim women.

Amer took shots at Ben Carson, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz along with the repugnant Bill Maher. But most of the hatred was reserved for Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller. He especially trashed Geller the receiver of constant death threats.

This was clearly a shameful presentation that used White Racism and the word Islamophobia to drive another one sided Social Justice Victimology narrative. What a let down for our American Muslim citizens. But what would you expect from a C.A.I.R. promoter.




For Whitworth College Students who want the other side of a narrative, SPI recommends the following Links.




To fight Social Justice Extremists check out the Young Americans Foundation. There is an active chapter at Gonzaga YAF.ORG