Make Believe Potty

Unfortunately the Media is making up Pooh Poo stories. Our response is, “Protect our little Girls!”

For a minute just “Make Believe” that your little Grand daughter is using the Women’s Public restroom and you see a very masculine man in a dress chooses to use the same restroom while she is in there alone. Now “Make Believe” you are not in the state of Washington.

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 1.24.52 PM


But wait! That’s like “Make Believing” that the governor of Washington isn’t Jay Inslee and Rock Stars are smarter than pedophiles. Single stall restrooms will solve all the crappy controversy and somebody will have to pay for it. (Mostly You) Tune in to see where “Social Justice Extremists” meander next.

We do apologize for redundantly covering this subject but it just doesn’t go away. Please use the slogan “Protect our Little Girls”. In fact start asking politicians what they are doing to assure family safety in public places. The following videos contain vile language on a vile topic but incredibly funny and poignant.




Social Justice Extremist Agendas depend on Stupid and there’s plenty of that going around these days, especially on college campuses where these little going to the “pot “stories “bud”. The secret to stupidity is hidden in the conspiracy music video. If you are stoned on Washington State Legal Weed be aware that the lyrics could stop your dependency on Government.