Islamophobe Monitors




The Euro-American Islamophobia Hit Parade Keeps on playing.

The Council on American Islamic Relations has an Islamophobia Monitor and you can look it up at Islamophobe.Org. to see if you’re on it. The Southern Poverty Law Center has an Islamophobe Hit List too and you can look it up at SPLCenter.Org under “Extremist Files”. The SPLC is a super wealthy, Social Justice Police force. Both of these Extremist Agencies are well funded and have heavy influence on our public servants and get favorable media exposure nationwide as well as locally.

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Act for America made the SPLC’s featured hate group of the week. There are many public figures who made the list for not being politically correct and are mixed in with legitimate extremist hate groups like Neo Nazis. That’s comforting but the new status quo has no limits to character assassination. There’s probably a section for Republicans and Libertarians since there is only one real Party. The Party of Change.

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The Southern Poverty Law Center Headquarters (Shabby Building)


The Council on Foreign Relations has jumped on the Islamophobia bandwagon and you can listen to their podcast here at CFR.ORG. No wonder people believe in conspiracies. But be warned and let down when you hear the usual touchy feely mishmash. Once again no focus on the Christian Genocide by those who supposedly speak for American Christians.

Islamophobia is a Bad Idea. SPI opposes Bad Ideas. 

Southern Poverty Law Center expands its hit list of foes of jihad terror

Really, you want to be like Europe? Safe place for women, especially Sweden. This is a global idea and attempts to shut down free speech.