Gov. Inslee “Protect Our Little Girls”

Washington governor bans state travel to North Carolina

How will the Governor of Washington State protect little girls from biological men who will claim they are a different gender thus gaining a creepy kind of access to the women’s privy by using the gender identity card? The activist governor is attacking the North Carolinians perhaps because he has nothing else to do or he is marching in lock step with the Social Justice Party for favors. On this Public Servant’s watch 2 to 5 million profiles were stolen from a Federal Building in Olympia. Keep an eye on your credit card bills and for God’s sake don’t use Pay Pal.

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Convicted sex offender seeks access to women’s locker rooms through bathroom law

You can now fight back against the Social Justice Activists from the Washington State Human Rights Commission who offer new age guidance to ethically challenged politicians and protect your child’s safety in showers and restrooms by pressing the links below.

Family Policy Institute: “How you can help in North Carolina.”

Sign the Petition to Congress to protect our little Girls.

Petition Title: Stop ENDA Bathroom Bill-Protect our Kids

Parents are not afraid of the Transgenders. Transgenders are not that important in the big picture. It’s about children and protecting them from Predators.

The potential for creative predators and criminals is limitless in a socially constructed society that defies biological science. Transgenders tragically have high suicide rates before and after surgeries. Forcing the public to comply with government forced rest room policies won’t help a gender fluid agenda. Most Transgenders just want to go potty but that’s not what parents are worried about. This is dangerous for everyone, especially children.

Why does Pay Pal Jay think he knows what’s best for another state taxpayers? Think this guy is competent enough to protect Washington citizens from Terrorism?

(Boycott PayPal)

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Man caught undressing in front of girls at Green Lake locker room

PayPal Cancels Business Expansion in NC Because Male/Female Restrooms are Discriminatory

NC Values Coalition “Protect Public Restrooms”

Listen to “Pay Pal Jay” dodge the Family Policy Institute

Dr. Drew gets media exposure by moderating a morally equivalent exchange between two very differing ideas. Drew very famously set up Ben Shapiro where Ben was physically threatened by a Trans Woman in front of a stacked panel of activists. Ben is a fearless opponent of the Social Justice Movements especially on college campuses.


Do your own internet search for headlines like the 3 listed below. There will be plenty more as our government and corporations push Social Justice agendas. 

Sex offender charged in attack on woman in Harborview restroom

Sex offender who took photos of kids in women’s restroom at King Soopers gets 4-year sentence

Man Sentenced for Secretly Photographing Women in Restroom Ordered to Register as a Sex Offender

This Victimology Agenda is so insane that we have to offer you a little (very gross) “COMIC RELIEF” below.

This one is really funny.