Gonzaga Promotes Drag Queen Show not Dinesh D’Souza

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Gonzaga University will be hosting a Drag Queen Show at the Hemmingson Center on April 11th. The same location where Dinesh D’Souza spoke to a packed public audience on the subject of Social Justice and it’s harmful effects on free speech. Dinesh was slandered as hateful by some of the University staff who drafted a declaration on his sins in the college newspaper. The Playground Monitors at the University even provided a Safe Space for students during the event in protest. They read poetry while the Spokane crowd nearby heard about Liberty and our Great Country.

The Video below is not meant to reflect the gala event scheduled for Zag Fans next week but be aware that this is full of foul language and questionable Activist humor. CAUTION! XXX Language!


This is not about the upcoming Drag Queen Show or the fact that it’s being promoted at a Christian University or that this activity would be once long ago considered sinful to a Catholic audience. No, this is about Free Speech and Critical Thinking. Gonzaga University can’t have it one way over the other and think it noble to suppress speakers who might be deemed politically incorrect by their ideas.

This was a news clip before GU students demanded the public have access to a critical thinking event. 

If this is an event that you support feel free to attend. It’s $7 and open to the public. Just let Gonzaga know that it’s not OK to suppress Free Speech events with values that may be contrary or different than these. 

Gonzaga is not the only Christian college struggling with Social Cultural Hazing. Whitman College is looking for a new mascot to replace it’s Missionary one. Missionaries are deemed too offensive.

Whitman to drop Missionary as mascot