Eradicate The Christians

Is your Pastor talking about this? Is your Rabbi talking about this? Why Not? Do people in Spokane live in a bubble? Europe is in meltdown and Activists claim they can vet out the Jihadists from the forced refugee program. We need leaders on the local level to challenge the hostile Social Justice narratives that shut down free speech events in public and on college campuses.

Christian communities, which like the Jews, predate Islam, are being targeted for eradication.

The Christian communities of Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Lebanon are well on the way to joining their Jewish cousins. The Jewish communities of these states predated Islam by a millennium, and were vibrant until the 20th century. But the Arab world’s war on the Jewish state, and more generally on Jews, wiped out the Jewish populations several decades ago.

And now the Christian communities, which like the Jews, predate Islam, are being targeted for eradication.

Continued: Truth Revolt, Caroline Glick

Do you trust a government like ours that hasn’t even the common civility or sense to have stopped this slaughter to begin with? We are all responsible for this Genocide by remaining silent.



College Campuses are known for suppressing free speech in the name of political correctness. Jewish and Christian students find themselves on the front lines when discussions on Social Justice arise. Has your Rabbi or Pastor discussed strategies for your safety and rights to critical dialogue? Social Justice Movements are rife with intersecting narratives for the common good, whatever that means. Usually it ends with the Apartheid theme for Israel and the intolerance theme for Christians. Meanwhile the slaughtering continues. 

Rand paul talked about the genocide in 2013. It’s amazing how cowardly our country has become. The only Muslims who speak out against Jihadists are from the Muslim Reform Movement. (2015)

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is focused on Islamophobia and cohabiting with the Interfaith Social Justice idealists. The Spokane city council calls it a civil rights group.