Spokane City Hall Channels Spirit Guide for Compassion

The “Seattle Satellite” Spokane City Council is “Tower of Babel” Armstrong-Compassionate and the SHRC Activist Angels from West Main are patching together politically correct narratives instead of patching potholes. It appears that the 5th Dimension Inclusive Rainbow Entity of Invisible H2O Vapor has bestowed upon Spokane a mysterious “hidden in plain sight” unicorn curse.  Spokane has been played by the Interfaith Players.

The city of Spokane has one Conservative Council Member on the Conservative side of the state. The Spokesman Review is a failing Progressive Newspaper with no real interest in conservative values. Taxpayers’ don’t need new age religious agendas. They need jobs and a good business climate that promotes free enterprise. City Hall needs to fix the flipping potholes.

Fagan questions Spokane’s signing of compassion charter

“But Fagan said Spokane already was compassionate and suggested the city didn’t need a largely unknown organization to affirm such a characteristic.”

“Fundamentalists are not friends of democracy. And that includes your fundamentalists in the United States.”
― Karen Armstrong Quotes

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“Expert” Karen Armstrong says murdering Jews in Paris has nothing to do with Jew-hatred

“In a recent interview, she makes this outrageous claim:

We’re piling all the violence of the 21st Century on the back of religion, sending it away, saying we have nothing to do with religion. While we still have to deal with the political situation. The supermarket attack in Paris was about Palestine, about Isis. It had nothing to do with antisemitism; many of them are Semites themselves. But they attempt to conquer Palestine and we’re not talking about that. We’re too implicated and we don’t know what to do with it.”

SPI recommends JP Sears as a viable resource of New Age Quackiness instead of Karen Armstrong. It’s totally free and won’t be nearly as painful watching a bunch of the same Spokane activists defining what compassion means. We have uncompassionately exposed Karen and the Quacks in previous posts. Also if you need safe restrooms for your children head over to Post Falls, Idaho.

Please Note: Edwall Washington does not have a Human Rights Commission.