Raising Your Boy Gender Neutral

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Is it over for U.S. Masculinity? Is the American Macho Man gone forever? The Defender of Damsels in Distress has no steed and his joisting pole has tilted. Roy Rogers is dead. Hell, so his his horse for that matter. Ponder on the videos selected and say goodbye to the American Male, the Western Culture Icon, the Man of Good Deeds.

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Alarmed Australians are discussing maleness. You American ladies who endorse Replacement Feminism might want to find an Aussie or a New Zealand Kiwi to defend your sorry butts from being groped and please don’t travel to Sweden anytime soon. Butt groping would be a small problem there. The former Vikings have been neutered and won’t fight or fend off the Refugee invaders who are indeed a very different kind of macho.

If this diatribe sounds disgusting to the sensabilities of feminism, it’s meant to. Such a fragile society will soon be taken over by Men who bring in their own rules and it’s not a pretty site. Ask European women, especially in Germany and Sweden. Why do you think the MMA is so popular, even with women? Most women still want a Man to protect them from other Men. Yes, Ladies, it’s unfortunate the Male Gender is responsible for the majority of violent acts. Perhaps we need strong Moral Men to stop the Immoral Men.

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Hollywood Values

Maybe America will revolt and return to common sense and stop all of this Social Justice Engineering nonsense. Like the Toilet Wars in Olympia where responsible parents protested the Washington State Human Rights Commission Activists who pushed the public restroom policy allowing biological Men in women’s facilities. There are problems in gender neutral restrooms already. Perversion and Masculinity are two very different things. Men protect your little girls and be good Fathers. Raise your sons to be strong and respectful. A masculine Man will protect his family at all costs. It’s in his DNA, or at least should be. “Transphobia” is no excuse when protecting children from predators. There are plenty of single restrooms to be considerate of others’ privacy, especially young children. The shower options in public schools for transgenders is beyond comprehension. This is just common biological sense. It isn’t even considerate for the transgenders.

U of T college forced to cut gender-neutral bathrooms after ‘peeping’ incidents

“TORONTO, October 6, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – The University of Toronto’s elite University College has been forced to recognize the existence of two genders and re-establish separate washrooms for male and female students sharing its co-ed residences.

The move was provoked by two separate incidents in mid-September of male students holding their cell phones above the shower stall dividers in so-called gender-neutral communal washrooms at Whitney Hall, a co-ed residence at the University College, to record female students showering.”

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