Gender Neutral Pronouns National Security Risk

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Pronouns must be changed for our country to survive an EMP strike from China or North Korea. Remain calm and do as you’re told. Your college debt will be forgiven by the Progressive Socialist Party. The Leader is traveling to Cuba for advise and wise counsel. Wow! That sounds crazy.

In ancient days adulthood required that there was an age appropriate time to discuss sex with your children at home. Now as a parent you are forced to discuss adult sex with your very young children so they won’t become victims of this public peer conditioned linguistic facade. Most working stiffs can’t wrap their mind around this and are unaware that the State schools have sponsored ideas propelled by a tiny radical minority. Well, read the articles if you can read or just go out and milk the chickens.

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Vassar Feminist Prof under student fire for allegedly using improper Transgender pronouns

Maybe Newspeak has it’s place and we should all do as we’re told. Confused?