The Kook Behind Compassionate City Spokane

How does one understand the Compassionate City Designation of Spokane without taking a look at where the idea originated to begin with. So before holding hands with strangers at the next Interfaith Event and acknowledging the obvious shortcomings of America’s accused sinful activities in our mixed up world expunge yourself from guilt by taking a hard look at this Religious Pluralistic Movement. Sure there’s more than just one kook pushing this social justice agenda but ask yourself, “What’s so bad about our Judeo-Christian Ethos or Western Culture?” Sure you could ask your city about pot holes but they may be more focused on healing the world, at least in the Progressive world view. You could call the Spokane Human Rights Commission to get more details and how to get a T-shirt if you convert.

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Spokane to be designated ‘Compassionate City’

Spokane to be designated a “Compassionate City”

Charter for Compassion – Karen Armstrong

–Karen Armstrong, Founder of the global movement, The Charter for Compassion


Karen Armstrong: Islamists murdering French Jews “had nothing to do with anti-Semitism”

Don’t Say the Paris Supermarket Attack Had Nothing To Do With Antisemitism

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EYE ON THE MEDIA: Karen Armstrong’s Unscholarly Prejudices

Armstrong, ‘Muhammad: A Prophet for Our Time’

Karen Armstrong: The Coherence of Her Incoherence

From Crucified Again author, “we are left wondering where she (Karen) gets her facts, as she rarely documents

Karen Armstrong tells us to ignore history and doctrine, focus on platitudes about peace and love.

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Discover the Networks exposes Karen Armstrong’s History

Karen suffers from epilepsy which is unfortunate and her growing up story is experiencialy tragic. But we won’t let her out of the padded room with a free card anytime soon. There are plenty of other Kooks involved in this international movement and their names will pop up when Spokane is congratulated for things they already do quite well without an agenda or a compassionate T-shirt.