Peeing in Spokane Valley

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The Spokane Area Public Urinal Action League Hotline will provide updated Gender Neutral but not generally neutral postings here. Check back for the latest dribble.

The Spokesman Review claims below, a heated public toilet debate in Spokane Valley.

(Jan 27) Rules on transgender restroom access sparked heated debate in Spokane Valley*

The link with video below provided by the Spokane Valley city council hardly shows anything heated. Bumbling members maybe, but heated debate? Not really. The resolution exposed the unelected body of state activists called the Washington State Human Rights Commission. The city of Spokane has it’s own HRC with activists shaping public policy. Ritzville doesn’t have one yet.

(Jan 26) Spokane Valley City Council Meeting Minutes and Video Public Testimony ****

Meanwhile on the Left coast some toilet headlines and info.

(Jan 21) Washington Senate Schedules Hearing on Bathroom Rule

(Jan 27) Senate panel passes reversal of transgender bathroom rule

Wash. Senate bill would reverse transgender bathroom rule

(Jan 28) Human Rights Commission to Consider Repeal of Open-Bathroom Rule

(Jan 28) Senate panel passes reversal of transgender bathroom rule

(Jan 28) Hundreds attended public hearing on transgender bathroom bill

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This might be the best way to protect everybody in a single stall restroom.


EWU Pride center has a Gender Neutral Restroom map. We assume they are single stall and inclusive for everyone.

Watch TVW broadcast channels Information Link


Houston’s Proposed Bathroom Ordinance for Transgenders ‘Endangers Women and Girls,’ Group Says

(Jan 26 )Who’s afraid of gender neutral bathrooms? The New

“Last fall’s successful campaign in Houston to reject a broad anti-discrimination ordinance made clear that restrooms will be fields of battle over gender and sexuality for the foreseeable future. The Houston ordinance, which prohibited discrimination in employment and housing based on categories including sex, race, religion, and gender identity, was defeated in a referendum after opponents painted it as a “bathroom ordinance” that would enable men to enter women’s restrooms.”

(Jan 23) Tri City Herald: Transgender bathroom rule likely to affect schools (with video)

June 25, 2015 Seattle mayor proposes ‘all-gender’ public restrooms

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Latest Dribbles HERE

 (Mar 14) Naughty Man arrested in Spokane Valley women’s restroom

(Feb 2) Second Hearing on Peeing in the Valley by the Spokane Valley City Council that has video.

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(Feb 3) The Pacific Justice Institute provides a PDF about how to protect your child’s rights.

“Thank you for accessing PJI’s Notice of Reasonable Expectation of Privacy. We hope the attached form will assist you and your family in maintaining your constitutional privacy rights in the public schools. Simply fill out the attached one-page Notice with your basic info and signature, check all the boxes of rights you wish to assert, and give that page (do not include this one) to your child’s teacher(s), principal, superintendent, and school board members.”  Press PDF Form Here

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(Feb 4) Valley council passes resolution about transgender access to bathrooms

(Feb 10) Washington Senate Votes Down Effort To Repeal Transgender Rules