2016 With or Without God

2015 was certainly a confusing year and America was in great cultural turmoil. No matter one’s political idealism or leanings, facts are there wasn’t any faith in our current elected servants in public office nationally and even locally. It’s as if America has lost it’s moorings and is drifting into a morally relative abyss. This confusion is quite overwhelming for Americans as many now fear their own government. Americans who have faith in their Bibles are numbering fewer while some Millennials are exploring the Interfaith movement in the name of grade school tolerance. Dennis Prager provides a free course about this old classic that established the values that made our country exceptional. Enclosed are the first three videos. Even if you do not consider yourself religious this may help you to become literate of the ideology that’s behind everything you take for granted in our free imperfect society. Also this is a great way to overcome your fears in 2016. May you have a great year!