Save Children from Hamas

The next time you see Social Justice Activists blaming Israel in marches of protest, you will wonder why they can not see what’s clearly in front of their eyes. The Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement is a violent joke and peer motivated especially on college campuses by Progressive Liberal teachers who evangelize moral equivalence.  Indoctrinated activists who have traveled to the Gaza strip choose not to see sickening behaviors perpetrated on little children.

“Why can’t we all get along?” they say as they clutch their “No War” signs and posters.

Sometimes it makes you wonder if there’s more child abuse on U.S. college campuses than in Gaza. It’s a given that critical thinking skills and free speech hardly exist on todays campuses. Social Justice groups recruit college activist students for internships and fill their brains with more Social Justice mush. Hopefully these young people will come out unharmed and see these old hippies for what they are.

For those of you who are frustrated with the system, remember the college you attend works for you. You pay them for the services they claim to render. If you get left wing dribble in your class, tell the dean you want a refund. In fact demand it. Now that’s social justice!

Hamas teaches children Violence. They are a cult of Death.