PJALS & EWU Women Activate

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(PJALS Promo Video 2 min 35 sec)

Are you going to college to be an activist? If Yes, go no further, you are in good hands. But ask yourself how many conservative women have you met in the Women’s Studies program at EWU? How many conservative women are at events coordinated or influenced by by the Peace Justice Action League of Spokane promoted in the EWU video above? What is a PJALS activist in residence? What does PJALS teach? In a healthy world can women really have differences of opinion and beliefs? Does the EWU department of Women’s Studies have a political agenda? Eastern Washington University had more women on campus (56% in 2014)  than men. Does EWU offer a Men’s Studies program?

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Enlightened women.org is pleased to announce an online course, Sex, Lies and Women’s Studies, in partnership with Accuracy in Academia and the Independent Women’s Forum. Launched at the NeW National Conference last summer, this is a free online course composed of six 10-minute classes. Karin Agness, NeW Founder, was pleased to kick off Conservative University’s first class with: Deconstructing “Modern Feminism.” This course is an alternative resource for college students and covers a range of topics such as campus feminism, pay equality, healthcare freedom, and the so-called “War on Women.”


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(Video: 11 min)