PJALS Boycott Posters

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Video: Report from Europe, not Spokane

PJALS the prominent BDS darling for Spokane anti-Zionism is assisting in presenting “Boycott, the Art of Economic Activism” at the downtown Spokane EWU/WSU campus from June 3 through June 12, promoted by good hearted Quakers (AFSC). These Historical Protest Posters will be displayed along with the usual “free free Palestine” from the oppressive state of Apartheid Israel.  Doubtful there will be any with “Boycott Hamas” artistically rendered. The funders of this local anti-Israel group could stand some boycotting for aiding and abetting the spin that Israel is an Apartheid State like South Africa was. Amazing that Israel still gets scape goated as front page news while the genocide of Middle East Christians and Yazidis continues. Economic Boycotting was used in Nazi Germany against the Jews and is still in practice through the BDS internationally funded movement. Boycott Divest and Sanctions against the country of Israel is quite popular on College campuses. To think that taxpayer funded institutions like EWU (see activist in residence) and WSU would allow such promotions under the guise of intellectual curio smacks historical hypocrisy. Who wouldn’t want a Hamas terrorist tunnel nearby these days? This is a neatly packaged commingled artistic political agenda.

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Video: Warning Kindergarten Language

Boycott! The Art of Economic Activism! Facebook page.

1st Inlander promo.

See 58 historic posters from campaigns using economic pressure to secure people’s rights and achieve justice, including: United farm Worker grape and lettuce boycotts, anti-apartheid movement, anti-sweatshop campaigns, Palestinian call for boycott, Divest and sanctions (BDS) and many other campaigns; assembled by AFSC, American Friends Service Committee and presented by the Palestine-Israel Human Rights Committee of PJALS, the Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane. June 3-12, viewing hours daily from 9 am-7 pm.

2nd Inlander promo with a little Israel bashing in an article.  “In America, we don’t get information about the Palestinian issues from the side of the Palestinians,” Calvert says. “One technique that can be used to bring about change is boycotts, and in this case they can be used to pressure the Israelis to treat the Palestinians differently.”

Pretty much an entire wall is dedicated to the Apartheid Israel fantasy at the EWU/WSU Phase building in Spokane.
No mention of Hamas


WSU/EWU campus, 668 N. Riverpoint Blvd. Free parking on Riverpoint Blvd. Paid parking most lots. Bus service nearby. Free to the public. (Imagine charging the public for such trash)